Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Why I am excited about the health care insurance marketplace

I am excited because:

  • entrepreneurs will have affordable access to health care
  • separates health care from employer
  • might push for stronger reforms in health care
  • fixes the gap in coverage that impacts a lot of people in society
  • ends the “I/my family went bankrupt due to health problems”

It appears that the plans are going to be more expensive than going with an employer-subsidized plan. I suspect I’ll wait a year or two to see how things go but I hope that the health care reform succeeds. I think the trade off of raising the cost for some to provide access to all is worth it and I hope employers offer to subsidize plans from health care markets. A lot of it is still unclear to me but hopefully my employer will have more details soon. The current system is clearly not working for anyone except the very rich and sometimes the destitute.