Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

The Importance of Exercise

Almost two months ago, I got in a bicycle accident during my daily commute to work. It was serious enough that the front fork on the bicycle was bent backwards and I had cuts on my hands including my face. A couple days later, I went to Japan and had a great two week trip walking every day. When I returned, I wasn’t quite ready to get back on the bicycle again. It wasn’t that I was scare but rather angry at the whole experience. As time went on, I realized that I was growing more and more grouchy. I had more headaches than usual and had trouble sleeping at night. I didn’t put it all together until a couple days ago: I need exercise. After almost a year of riding my bicycle to work, my body has become used to regular physical exertion. At least that was my theory. I got back on the bicycle and I think that is indeed what happened. I was sleeping better after one day and now two days in I feel much more relaxed. So exercise for the win. I know we all knew that but…