Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Wrapping up the pairing tour

I spent the week continuing to pair with other craftsmen. It has been a good experience particularly in seeing the kind of projects that are being worked on in detail. In two days one can get a good feel for a code base even if it feels like a fleeting glimpse.

Monday was spent with Dave Moore at a client site. We had an interesting problem related to migrating data. First we fixed some bugs though but it was a good day.

Tuesday was spent with Eric Meyer at the same client site. We worked on getting some content in line with the style guide which turned out to be a bit tricky.

Wednesday was spent with Paul Pagel at the 8th Light office in Chicago. We worked on an refactoring an internal tool starting with the backend. The aim was to get to a point in which we could change on a view worked depending on three specific states. We got most of the way there.

Thursday was spent with Li-Hsuan Lung at the 8th Light office in Chicago working on a client project. The story we worked on involved changing how reporting worked. It was difficult as a presenter that takes data and formats it for presentation (it is consumed by a view) was being overloaded in some fairly complex ways. It felt like it was doing too much but we couldn’t refactor it before we accomplished what was needed by the story plus there was other refactoring work in progress that would likely change it significantly down the road.

Tomorrow I’ll receive my apprenticeship challenges. I’ll have two weeks to complete them. There is a lot of secrecy around the challenges and I don’t know what to expect and I can’t reveal what they are. So it should be an interesting two weeks.

Today I also rode my bike into work for the first time. Most of the way I was on Milwaukee Avenue which has a decent bike lane for the majority of the route. It was a good experience.