Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Pairing tour: Brian

I spent Thursday pairing with Brian Pratt. We jumped around on a number of studio client projects. These are done working from the 8th Light office. In this case, the Chicago office which I’ve spent most of my time with 8th Light at.

The afternoon focused on a big iteration meeting with a client. I stayed for part of it but then paired with Nick to finish some work on an internal project and did a Kata with Joe Shipley – a new apprentice visiting with Cory from 8th Light Floriday.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the internal project. We have an iteration meeting for it on Friday and I still have a big story to complete. There have been a number of smaller issues though that have prevented momentum on it. I’m also somewhat unsure that it is a good story: it came out of a number of compromises in order to get some bare minimum functionality within a set limit of time. I think some of the trade offs are not good as they may end up being painful in the long term. I’ve yet to communicate that though which I should do now.