Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 55 and 56: Wrapping up iteration for internal projects, presenting iteration

Wrapping up iteration for internal projects

Today I spent my time wrapping up some stories for the internal projects. We had a little extra time this iteration as the interation planning meeting where one iteration is ended and another is kicked off got pushed back a day to Friday.

Presenting iteration

I was the presenter at our IPM on Friday. I led going over the stories we completed and presented the client with a sign off sheet of the competed iteration. We then had a number of additional stories added by the client. There is a lot of complexity involved in getting to the end of what the application is supposed to do. The client has some stories of how the final application is supposed to look but each iteration brings up additional new stories that are between the current state of the project and the desired end functionality. As a team, we then estimated each story and then the client picked those stories that they wanted us to work on for the next iteration.

We tried to break down any story that was longer than half the iteration. This is a good thing to do for a number of reasons: we get better estimates when the scope is smaller and if a story is completed it can be billed for so it is better to complete 1 of 2 stories and get paid for 1 of 2 instead of 0 of 1.

It was an interesting experience leading the hand off. We didn’t have time to practice this week but it went well. I also didn’t try to be the only face of the team and didn’t get in the way when others wanted to speak. It seemed to flow well and I’m happy with how it went.