Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 46: Performing the wordwrap kata at 8LU, two month apprenticeship retrospective with Doug

Performing the wordwrap kata at 8LU

I performed the wordwrap kata today at 8th Light University aka 8LU. It went well although I made a minor typo in the final test that caused it to fail to pass. That caused a slight moment of panic but it was quick to fix and recover. Doug has passed down another Kata challenge that sounds even trickier to do within the maximum time of 9-10 minutes.

Two month apprenticeship retrospective with Doug

Doug and I did a two retrospective. We talked about what I’ve done so far and what is next. I’m going to continue working on the internal project for the immediate future and the new Kata. I’m somewhat bummed out as I watch other apprentices skip some of these steps.

We also discussed the progress on the internal project. On our team there is a big urge to complete the iteration even if the stories aren’t truly complete. In the last iteration, one of the stories I’d bartered with Paul to work on after completing the other iteration stories had some loose ends in testing. I’d wavered back and forth on marking it complete and we opted to go with complete. I realize now I should have held it back. I’m getting more of a feel how the iterations and stories shape what is actually accomplished. I do think it would be much more instructive to be working on a project in which the team was not entirely composed of apprentices as we’re somewhat working in a vacuum. Doug is planning on attending the next iteration meeting so hopefully we’ll have more guidance going forward.