Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Using two Logitech keyboards simultaneously with unifying receivers

I have been looking for an affordable split keyboard for a while. When working at a desk, something like the Microsoft Natural keyboard (the classic white one) has a slight split that is nice. But I wanted something I could use while lying down. The most affordable solution seemed to be the Kenesis Freestyle line but the distance between the halves is limited by a short cable. It’s possible to get a longer cable between the two but it is still not far enough apart for me (or at least not far enough for me to risk buying one and finding out it doesn’t work).

A couple of days ago I realized maybe using two keyboards would work by using one for each hand. I tried it with one wireless one and one wired and it was great so I ordered another Logitech K320 keyboard that features the 2.4 gigahertz “unifying receiver” technology along with excellent battery life (more than a year with a pair of AA Duracell alkaline batteries). When I paired the second keyboard I found my typing often came out like this:

This is the greatest thingg in the worldd!

When switching from one keyboard to the other duplicate letters would appear. This limited the rate of typing to an unacceptably low rate. However I figured out a trick! If you use two unifying receivers with each keyboard paired to it’s own receiver the problem is gone. The typing speed is now excellent and the lack of cords improves the usability of this setup.