Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 35: More work on internal project, keeping up with the wordwrap kata

Internal Project

I’m currently working on a feature in which a page has three lists and items can be dragged between the lists. This is quite easy to do with jQuery UI however I’ve never tried to test something like that. The current approach I’m looking at is using jasmine (with spies) and that is promising.


It is a struggle to juggle things. I need to finish a video of a practice run of my kata so that it can be reviewed. I am happy with the kata however I’m uncertain about the narration. The other issue is that it is always a struggle to share the status of the tests passing (green) or failing (red) with the audience. Typically, people flip back and forth between terminal sessions or have a small output window in their IDE. These options don’t work particularly well and I’m thinking about how to update the status bar in the vim editor to reflect the pass/fail of the specs in the current buffer. For the kata, we really only need red/green not