Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 33: Internal project

So having 4 make that 3 programmers with a designer and a low number of hours is kind of tricky. We’re also using the Interactor approach that is still not solidified at 8th Light. We found that out after we put in our estimates on stories. I spent the day working on that project with Wai Lee and Ben. I spent the evening working on it some more as we did not have enough time to complete it the next day before the 10am deadline.

It’s coming along but it is frustrating trying to work with a large group on a small project with a low number of hours. It seems like half the team is waiting for a leader and the other half is just doing stuff (which sometimes overlaps and results in duplicate work). I don’t know what to do about waiting for a leader but for duplicating work it would make sense to break down the big stories into smaller stories and go by that. For a new project though with beginners even that can be difficult so working in pairs and communicating seems to be very important.