Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 30: Progress on the wordwrap kata, HTTP server update and ...

Wordwrap Kata

Since performing the wordwrap kata for those in the office as a practice run it has been much easier to keep on doing the kata every day. In Robert Martin’s example of the kata the code ends up with a branch at the bottom of the method like this:

if ...
elsif ...

My first change was figuring out how to simplify this down to an if-else and now I’ve progressed on my kata to the point I can eliminate the if-else with some refactoring at the end. Now I need to practice this approach with the screen setup used when performing the kata (we use a projector in the office which demands low resolution and large font sizes). I’m also trying to configure vim so I an run the tests within vim and have them displayed in a small part of the screen so the red/green status stays on screen.

HTTP Server Project

I’ve spent some time looking at using Netty in the second version of my HTTP server. It would be fun to have a server that supports SPDY. Twitter contributed a SPDY implementation to Netty which I think is low enough in the stack that it would work below my HTTP server. It does look a little tricky though and time wise I’d like to go back to focusing on the task so I’m considering skipping it for this rewrite and trying it on a future one.

Internal Project

The rails-based project with the interactor approach is going slowly. Brian explained how another internal tool uses that approach however some aspects of it lag behind the currently favored or at least discussed approach. It is an interesting challenge. Note I edited this after realizing the work we’re going to do is in the upcoming week not for this week.