Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 26: Decision to redo HTTP server, code katas

HTTP server

I discussed my HTTP server with Doug and he mentioned one option I had thought about earlier: why not start over? The main issue is not writing it with a test first approach which means the benefits of emergent design and series of simple tests serving as documentation aren’t present. The github repository for the second attempt is at clip-clop.

Code Kata

I’m working on the wordwrap code kata which is an exercise in writing a method to wrap text to a specific column length. So for example, “word word word” with column length 6 would wrap to:

word word word

And “word word” with column length 3 would wrap to:


While that wrapping style might seem odd that is the aim of the code kata.

I find doing katas to be a real struggle. The idea is to do things in a specific rehearsed sequence that shows a progression from nothing to a tested method. Doug encouraged me to think of katas as a form of acting and I’m attempting to do so (clarification: Doug actually said that about a specific part of the word wrap kata).

Uncle Bob has more thoughts on the word wrap kata that explore why sometimes it can result in a dead end that requires backtracking.