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Software Craftsman

Day 17: Finished Clojure Koans, brought Joy of Clojure, got echo server running

I finished the Clojure Koans. These were quite a bit trickier than the Ruby Koans in that they required doing at least some research for some of the questions. But it certainly works well to focus and keep you going and at least seeing some code in passing that will look familiar in another context at a later point.

I took the example of using server-socket from stack overflow and created a leiningen project for it and then put it up on github:

This is possible to run with a simple “lein run” (after perhaps doing “lein deps” and “lein compile” – I separate these as the “line deps, compile” seems to not work for me).

I brought a copy of the Joy of Clojure in order to try to get a bit more into the why of using Clojure and to get more familiar with the idioms.