Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

Day 15: Starting the Clojure Koans

I finished the HTTP version of my tic-tac-toe ruby game in about two days instead of 1.5 weeks so I was out of things to do. In the morning I spent some time looking at how ASP.NET MVC compares to Ruby on Rails and spent some time moping about katas. I just don’t get them to be honest. I’m guessing you have to “taste” them to get them but I have a hard time getting started. It may be that I don’t like the idea of performing code in public. It may also be that so far I’ve gotten nothing out of attempting to observe katas at 8LU due to the projector resolution, contrast and sitting distance. I’ve tried to move closer but then the kata was in clojure which I wasn’t familiar with so it was going too fast… I’ll need to bite the bullet and just start doing a kata at the start and end of every day.

I started the Clojure Koans in the afternoon. I’m using leiningen which was very quick to get setup on Ubuntu 11.10. So far, I like it… The initial reaction is that the syntax is a bit terse and it’s harder to break it into chunks but time with the REPL is helping.

I forgot my wallet at home but thankfully I also forgot half of my lunch so that worked out. Speaking of lunch there is another rant there. The 8th Light tradition is for everyone to eat lunch together every day. I like it but not every single day. Of course it is only for the duration of the apprenticeship but being limited this much at lunch time really cuts lunch options, the occasional socializing with people outside of 8th Light, and taking a bit of mental time to oneself. Maybe it’s okay to break the lunch rule every once in a rare while? It is important to note that overall the office experience is very nice and this is a minor complaint.

Update: Doug clarified it is fine to leave for lunch. It’s just a general idea to avoid having everyone eating at their computer if they are going to eat in the office. I’m all for avoiding that and I’m glad it was just a misunderstanding on my end!