Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman

First day at 8th Light

I started as a resident today at 8th Light under Doug Bradbury. The day started with some quick paperwork, siting in on a weekly project meeting and then starting to work on these ruby koans. Doug brought me a sub from a local indie sub shop (can’t remember the name off hand but I’ll be back update: JP Graziano) and then I continued in the afternoon with the ruby koans. We also went over the reading list: continue the overview parts of Agile Software Development while skipping the case studies unless interested and start with Clean Code.

It turns out we have a slight fruit fly problem in the downtown office. As we have one at home too I went out and brought some apple cider vinegar and some cups and have placed them around the office. The trick I’m using at home is to put a tiny bit of dish soap in to act as a surfactant. A surfactant lowers the surface tension of a liquid which means the fruit flies can’t “walk on water” so to speak and will fall in and drown when they attempt to drink the vinegar. The sharp smell may also attract them.