Cymen Vig

Software Craftsman Virtual Private Server

I’ve switched from a Virtual Private Server hosted at in France to one hosted by in California. I switched because the prices increased at after the beta and the latency was beginning to get annoying (from Wisconsin, USA). is attractive because the prices are very reasonable and the RAM allocation for the price generous. I’m paying about 1/2 - 2/3 of the Gandi price but getting twice the RAM and disk space. The one thing that Gandi did have going for it is that the bandwidth was unmetered (but capped). However, for my purposes, the Prgmr model of X GB per month is not an issue.

The setup process was quick and the VPS is performing great with my minimal usage. I’m happy with the switch and would definitely recommend considering Prgmr as a VPS provider. I have no need for a high end VPS at this time but when I do, the options at Prgmr will definitely be the the first I’ll consider.

On a final note, at first I attributed the slow console feel of the VPS at Gandi to latency but after comparing the feel between Gandi and Prgrmr and the latency figures, I’d put some of the Gandi slow down to low CPU allocation for the single slice VPS offering. I suspect Prgmr is more generous with not only the RAM but the CPU slices which is excellent for those looking for a well performing but small VPS.